At Wembley Recycling Ltd we offer fair prices for your scrap metal & scrap cable.

We are a London based mobile scrap metal dealer / merchant. We also hold a
scrap metal dealers license to serve customers at our unit in Wembley which is in

We are also your number one London Scrap Metal Dealer we say this as we offer
fast collection and instant bank transactions.

We are able to purchase your Scrap Metal & Cable from North London, East
London, South London, West London, Middlesex, Watford & Hertfordshire.
Scrap metal collecting and trading is actually a very lucrative business in London
and around the world. However, the average person with scrap metal doesn't
realize the monetary value they have in it and will simply end up throwing it away
without thinking any further.

The truth is that scrap metal is very valuable because it can be recycled into the
production of other electronic and metal products, similar to how plastic bottles can
be recycled into other kinds of plastic items. By recycling scrap metal, people won't
have to be so dependent on drilling for ore in order to create items made out of
metal. That way the world's natural resources can be preserved and people will be
helping the Earth by being environmentally friendly.

Scrap dealers will pretty much accept all kinds of metal, but the more valuable
scrap metals are the non-ferrous metals. These are metals that don't have too
many elements of iron in them.

An easy way to test this out is by taking a magnet and seeing if it will stick to the
metal. If it sticks then it is ferrous metal, which is not so valuable. If it doesn't stick
then you have the ideal kind of metal for recycling and scrap metal dealers will pay
good money for it. There are plenty of London scrap metal traders to choose from,
but Wembley Recycling Ltd will offer you some of the fairest prices for your scrap
cable and scrap metal.

We deal in all kinds of scrap metal, such as steel, copper, brass, aluminum, wires
and iron. Our London based company has been in the business of buying and
selling this kind of scrap metal for years. We also provide a mobile service to haul
or deliver your scrap metal for you.

We are currently a scrap metal dealer that is licensed in Wembley of Hertfordshire.
We can collect your scrap metal from  North London, East London, South London,
West London, Middlesex, Watford or Hertfordshire.

If you are looking to sell scrap metal, we are your number one London scrap metal
dealer because we buy a wide variety of metals and we pay top prices. So instead
of tossing your scrap metal in the garbage, give us a call first because you could
be throwing away money for yourself and a chance to help the environment stay
London Scrap Metal Dealer
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Mobile: 0780 864 4487
24 Hour Contact Number Tel 08726300123 at 14p min
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Industrial and domestic electrical cable for scrap
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Mobile: 0780 864 4487
Top prices paid for lead, copper and brass
Hiab Lorry Loading & Skip Service Available on Request.
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